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1909, 2017

WARNING: Beauty Products for Black Women Are Full of Dodgy Ingredients

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One in 12 cosmetics marketed to African American women is “highly hazardous,” a new review found. A disproportionately high number of hair and beauty products marketed to black women contain potentially harmful ingredients, according to a new investigation by a consumer advocacy and environmental research organization. […]

1909, 2017

Why Aren’t There More Black Teachers? Racial Discrimination Still Plays A Role

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Policy surrounding the nation’s shortage of black teachers tends to focus around recruitment or retention. However, new research suggests that those two issues are only part of the problem. The other culprit is blatant racial discrimination. […]

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1505, 2016

33 Feminist Gifts For All The Badass Women You Love

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Gift ― errr, I mean holiday ― season is upon us! And what better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of feminist swag?

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1505, 2016

Want to start a business in California? Here’s a checklist for getting you started.

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Write a Business Plan There are no set rules for drafting your business plan, but for the most success it is best to follow consistent [...]

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