The Most Powerful Women in Business 2017

What makes a powerful businesswoman powerful? What is the secret sauce; that innate quality that helps successful women start, manage, or transform some of the largest companies in the world? […]

From $15,000 to $400,000: What You Didn’t Know About the Lace-Front Wig Business

Tyann Hodges, founder of Allure & More, shares tips to success in launching her business Helmet head. Too Plastic. Too masculine. Just a hot mess. These are all phrases that have been used by women to describe lace-front wigs.   […]

Black Lives Matter Launches Website To Promote Black-Owned Businesses

Black Lives Matter is making it easier than ever to find and support black-owned businesses. […]

Want to start a business in California? Here’s a checklist for getting you started.

Write a Business Plan There are no set rules for drafting your business plan, but for the most success it is best to [...]

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