Trump Supporters Are Confusing LeVar Burton With LaVar Ball, And It’s Painful

For 23 years, LeVar Burton attempted to teach the joys of reading to millions of youngsters on the PBS series “Reading Rainbow.” […]

How Gratitude Affects Your Health

Being thankful and not complaining so much can help you improve your immune system… […]

Medical Cannabis and it’s Impact on Human Health

In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated affects on human health. […]

Clitbait: 10 things you didn’t know about the clitoris

  “It’s really interesting to me just how few people know about how the clitoris works, or what it looks like. I personally didn’t know until I was in my mid-20s, which seems like just such a shame.” […]

WARNING: Beauty Products for Black Women Are Full of Dodgy Ingredients

One in 12 cosmetics marketed to African American women is “highly hazardous,” a new review found. A disproportionately high number of hair and beauty products marketed to black women contain potentially harmful ingredients, according to a new investigation by a consumer advocacy and environmental research organization. […]

Why Aren’t There More Black Teachers? Racial Discrimination Still Plays A Role

Policy surrounding the nation’s shortage of black teachers tends to focus around recruitment or retention. However, new research suggests that those two issues are only part of the problem. The other culprit is blatant racial discrimination. […]

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